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Family ecoPicnic in Umicore Nowa Ruda

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Cooperation based on mutual trust and respect is the foundation of integrity. It is also the basis of any well-coordinated team. In Umicore, we are aware of that fact, and therefore we create a community that is connected not only by work. For this purpose, we have organized a Family ecoPicnic for our employees and their relatives. 

Integration and education are what define us

The family ecoPicnic is the first event of this type that we performed at the end of June at the Umicore plant in Nowa Ruda. This event was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the ties between Umicore employees and their families jointly. In addition, the event achieved educational goals, because the picnic did not run out of attractions related to the idea of eco, in which both adults and children of employees could participate.

Pro-eco education can also be fun!

Several games and activities awaited the event participants, such as ecoWorkshops. Taking part in them, our guests learned how to use natural, ecological materials to make bathing balls, senso-plastic masses and up-cycling bracelets. Children and teenagers actively participated in numerous competitions, and the winners received gifts such as educational books and eco-friendly gadgets.

In addition, we organized a dedicated toddler zone with animations and colorful bouncy castles that delighted the youngest, and the huge cardboard teepee was a real artistic challenge!

We plan to visit the factory’s interior as part of the event. During the tour around the plant, the employees’ families could get to know the Umicore environment and what we do daily as world leader producing catalysts.

The laboratory team also shared exciting experiments in front of the audience.

The Umicore family is not only its Employees

We also conducted a lottery during the event with unique eco prizes for the winners.

 We are happy with the large attendance of our employees and their families. Their satisfaction was the best thank you for the organization of the Family ecoPicnic!