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The finale of the “Pass it on! # WeGiveBooksaSecondLIfe” action

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Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves 20 trees and 20,000 litres of water and avoids the 30 kg of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere? At Umicore, care for the environment is a priority, and this is why the Pass it on! #WeGiveBooksaSecondLIfe campaign was created!

As a part of the campaign, together with the Umicore employees in Nowa Ruda, we undertook two-track actions for the zero-waste philosophy. Together, we took care of ecology and also supported education and a charity initiative.

The final of the action is already behind us. The collection results exceeded our wildest expectations!

I do not waste - I pass it on! #WeGiveBooksaSecondLIfe

In the first part of the action Pass it on!, we organized a collection of used books in the plant. The copies went to an antiquities shop, where they gained a new life in recirculation.

Umicore joined forces with employees by making a financial donation, and the entire amount was given to Kacper from Nowa Ruda - a pupil of the "Help on Time" Foundation.

We read on - we donate! #WeGiveBooksaSecondLIfe

In the second part of the campaign, we focused on supporting local education in the spirit of a zero-waste case. We purchased 70 pieces of used required readings and teaching aids in excellent condition as a donation. Thanks to this, students gained additional teaching books, and Umicore increased the number of titles back in circulation.

We are glad that thanks to such an outstanding commitment of Umicore's employees, we could do something good one more time!