Umicore in Nysa

In Nysa Umicore is building the first cathode materials plant in Europe. The plant is expected to start production around the end of 2021 and will employ about 400 people. Umicore's ambition is to be a preferred employer in the region and will make safety and environment a top priority for its people and neighbours.

Umicore has a long standing expertise in metal treatment of more than 200 years. It has been producing cathode materials for rechargeable batteries for more than 20 years. The investment in Nysa is part of the strategic growth path of the Umicore Group and will play a key role in the transition to clean mobility.

Cathode materials are key ingredients of rechargeable Li-ion batteries and determine their performance. The materials that will be produced in Nysa will be sold to battery cell makers who produce the batteries for electric vehicles.


Umicore Poland Sp. z o.o.
Radzikowice 1c
48-300 Nysa, Poland

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