• Umicore supports the 2nd Nysa Santa Claus Night Run to promote a healthy lifestyle

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  • Umicore launches an educational package on sustainable technologies for elementary school children in Nysa

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  • Umicore in Nysa recognized as a 'Good Employer 2022'

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Umicore is a company with a truly global profile, with operations in every major continent. About 11,000 employees currently work for us, across 47 production sites, 15 research & development technical centres as well as in supporting offices including our global headquarters in Brussels. In Poland, our activity is focused on two production facilities.

We have been producing automotive catalysts in Nowa Ruda since 2015. In 2021 we commissioned our greenfield plant in Nysa, which is the first cathode materials plant in Europe. The plant started commercial production in 2022 and will employ 400 people.

As a global materials technology group, we apply our specialist knowledge to offer materials and solutions that are essential to everyday life. We achieve it thanks to our unique closed loop business model, our pioneering approach to sustainability and our focus on areas that are supported by three global megatrends of resource scarcity, the need for clear air and vehicle electrification.

It is through our relentless ambition in these areas that we are world leader in the recycling of precious and rare metals, the production of automotive catalyst, and rechargeable battery materials that improve the performance and affordability of electric vehicles.

If we can become a world leader in recycling and clean mobility, imagine what you could do?