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EHS at Umicore in Nysa

At Umicore, creating safe and healthy working and living conditions for employees and neighbours, while creating the lowest possible impact on the environment is our key priority.

Long-lasting metal treatment expertise

Umicore has a long track record of working with metals and has built up a strong expertise of dealing with an extensive number of different metals, including nickel and cobalt, over many decades. In all our processes we deal with all different materials in the most safe and sustainable way.

Following the most stringent EHS standards

We use the most modern processes and installations to live up to the strictest environmental, health and safety standards. We will ensure that any emissions to water or air will be below the most stringent environmental standards. Environmental performance and safety lie at the heart of any Umicore process design.

SEVESO emergency response

A SEVESO establishment is an establishment which has an activity linked to handling, manufacturing, using or storing dangerous substances. All SEVESO companies, including the Umicore plant in Nysa, are subject to strict regulations and regular inspections. They all have an emergency plan, which is regularly practiced and updated.

It is important to note that there are no hazardous gases involved in our processes and the risk of a major accident at Umicore in Nysa is limited. The SEVESO information document gives more detailed information on the safety measures and procedures that Umicore has put in place to be followed in case of a major industrial accident at the plant. 

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Emergency response