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The 10th Nysa Run and the mayor's cup in Radzikowice - how Umicore promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees and neighbours.

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The past few weeks brought a lot of sporting excitement for our employees. They participated in the Nysa Run and played soccer against the people of Radzikowice in the Village Mayor's Cup. Read on to know how we balance work and life at Umicore in Nysa!

Umicore supported the Nysa Run for the fourth time and this 10th anniversary of the Nysa Run brought surprises and records. More than 850 runners participated in the race, the highest number in the event's history! 13 Umicore employees ran, 11 men and two women. There was also a participant "on four legs," a dog owned by one of our employees. They all finished and we are all very proud of their accomplishments.

“All year our runners look forward to their participation in the Nysa Run, which has now become a tradition. As an official partner of this event, we see great value in this annual sporting event. With our support we want to encourage our employees and the residents of Nysa to exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle," says Agata Czechowska, Manager General Site Services and Communication, Umicore Poland. 

A few weeks earlier, on May 27, a family picnic was held in Radzikowice to celebrate Children's Day. As part of the event, the Radzikowice village administrator organized a soccer match between Radzikowice residents and Umicore employees for the village mayor's cup. Each team consisted of 6 players and it is worth noting that Umicore's team was mixed. Our employee Monika scored no less than two goals during the match and the team from Radzikowice won after a series of penalty kicks. Everyone had a great time - both on the field and in the stands.  

"The match for the Mayor's Cup was a lot of fun for us. The match on the field was very close and the final victory had to be decided by a series of penalty kicks. We gave everything and fought until the end, but the most important thing for us was to play sports with our neighbors and get to know each other better. We all hope there will be another chance for a rematch soon," concludes Monika Dźwigała, member of the Umicore soccer team.