Our strategy not only sets out our business goals and growth ambitions but sets our sustainable development goals.

We aim to drive even more efficient use of metals, energy and other inputs to our operations and to strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. This pioneering approach to sustainability is a key differentiator that has enabled us to set very demanding benchmarks for the rest of the industry.

We aim not only for excellence on the environmental impact of our industrial operations, but also at creating positive impact to society at large.

As part of our sustainability leadership, we are striving to have a positive impact around us by using our technologies and our competencies to address a number of societal challenges. This is reflected in the way we select and carry out the business that we want to pursue and in which we want to invest to make materials for a better life.

We also aim to leverage our sustainability approach in the value chain, both upstream with our suppliers and downstream with our customers.

We have placed great emphasis on the management of key raw materials supply requirements. We have our own Sustainable Procurement Charter, including the very first Sustainable Procurement Framework for Cobalt, and a policy for responsible global supply chain of minerals from conflict affected and high risk areas based on the OECD guidelines. Additionally, downstream we have a strong portfolio of products and services that offer specific sustainability advantages to our customers and society, such as certified conflict-free operations and products. Umicore strives to ensure that our sustainability efforts advocate for better practices and generate a competitive edge for the company.