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Umicore Nowa Ruda for Children in "Santa's Sleigh!"

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Most children have already written their letters to Santa Claus, but at Umicore Nowa Ruda, we do not wait for the dreams of the youngest, especially those for whom December is not always a month of magic and surprises, to come true on their own! By joining our sleds to "Santa's Sleigh," a special initiative by Polska Press Grupa, we aim to bring smiles to the faces of the wards of the "Zobacz Mnie" foundation in Wrocław.

Together for children's dreams

December is special for many reasons; it is a time of magic and joy that gathers loved ones around a table in the spirit of love and reflection. It is also a month of surprises, especially for children eagerly awaiting presents under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, not all of them find them due to the conditions in which they live. This is where our team steps in!

At Umicore Nowa Ruda, we believe that the magic of the holidays can touch  every child’s heart. Therefore, we have joined the "Santa's Sleigh" initiative, where we have taken on the role of Santa, contributing funds to purchase dream gifts for children in need.

Together, we can achieve more!

This year, we supported the wards of the "Zobacz Mnie" foundation in Wrocław, which saves the lives of the sick and supports the development of disabled children. However, our assistance went beyond toys and sweets; it also included support in the form of funds for medicines or everyday expenses reported by the foundation. But that is not all.

By contributing our part, we joined our sleds to the bigger team, embarking on a journey across Poland through newspapers and online platforms. In this way, we could fulfill children’s dreams and inspire others to undertake similar initiatives!

Becoming an inspiration

At Umicore Nowa Ruda, we believe in the power of community that can change reality. "Santa's Sleigh" is an excellent opportunity for us and other companies to create an atmosphere where caring for others becomes a paramount value. While participation in the initiative may focus on buying presents, the most important thing for us is to ignite the spark of empathy in the hearts of people around us!