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Visit of primary school students at Umicore Nowa Ruda

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On May 30th, we had the pleasure of hosting 8th-grade students from Primary School No. 7 in Nowa Ruda. The visit, organized by WSSE Wałbrzych, aimed to promote our patronage class with whom we established cooperation and to assist young people in choosing their future career paths. Our guests were not disappointed!

This is how we work

During the meeting, students could listen to short presentations conducted specifically by Senior HR & Employer Branding Generalist Magdalena Graczyk and Lab Manager Anna Górak-Cymorek. With our materials, participants could learn about various aspects of Umicore Nowa Ruda's activities and discover the exciting possibilities our industry can offer them.

After the theoretical part, it came time for practice! Our colleague from the laboratory, Michał Bochan, conducted a brief laboratory demonstration which, judging by the expressions on our guests' faces, they greatly enjoyed. They had the chance to see firsthand what it is like to work in a laboratory and learn about its potential applications. After the presentation, students also had the opportunity to visit the laboratory and production area.

Supporting young people

Of course, our cooperation with the patronage class does not end with a one-time event. In the current school year, students have visited our company twice; they met with representatives from the quality department amd production and completed internships in our laboratory. And that's not all.

As part of our scholarship program, we regularly award scholarships to those students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements. In June, we also plan to purchase equipment for the laboratory class to prepare students even better for future career choices.

Passing on our passion!

Our efforts for schools are significant for the development of young people and help shape their career awareness. This collaboration also allows us the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in our industry.

Visits to our company allow students a chance to see how a real work environment functions. They can observe production processes, learn about the specifics of the laboratory, and understand what it is like to work with the latest technologies and equipment. This is an invaluable experience that can assist young people in making decisions about their future careers.

We also believe in the power of motivation and inspiration. Therefore, when organizing these meetings, we strive to convey our passion and dedication to students. We want them to see that working in our industry can be a source of satisfaction in creating something meaningful for the world!