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In the eyes of students and teachers: evaluation of our educational packages

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The second edition of the Umicore educational project „Batteries recharge our everyday lives" is currently underway. The initiative aims to raise awareness among young people in Nysa and the surrounding areas about electromobility, green energy, and environment. As the initiator of the program, we visited the project participants – students and teachers – to discuss their insights and ask for their feedback of our initiative.

As part of the program, students from three schools – Primary School No. 1 in Nysa, Primary School No. 10 in Nysa, and the School and Preschool Complex in Goświnowice – participate in additional classes, practical experiments, and the construction of miniature electrical devices. Umicore is the initiator of the project and the sponsor of the educational materials, so we decided to visit the participants of our project and ask about their impressions.

"We want the educational packages to be tailored to the needs and interests of the students, which is why their feedback is very important to us. Our goal has been achieved. During meetings with the youth and teachers, we gathered many valuable suggestions which we will certainly take into account when implementing future editions of the project."

Alicja Stafford, Communication Manager at Umicore Battery Materials Poland and project coordinator

During the series of meetings, we also participated in an unconventional class. At Primary School No. 10 in Nysa, a "Night of Rovers" was held, which consisted of educational activities conducted in the late evening hours – from 7 PM to 11 PM.

"By organizing the night class, we wanted to diversify everyday learning and thank the students for their engagement in the „Batteries recharge our everyday lives” project. Through these additional activities, the children had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills. I am convinced that these will be very useful in the future, especially in the context of rapidly developing electromobility technologies. Moreover, such educational initiatives prove to young people that that learning science does not have to be boring" says Anna Michoń, the principal of Primary School No. 10 in Nysa.
We thank all participants for their cooperation and involvement in our educational activities! We encourage you to check out the photo report from our school visits.