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We distributed over 1,000 seedlings of forest and fruit trees to the residents of Nysa!

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On Saturday, 13 April, an action "Tree for recyclables" took place near Dekada Gallery in Nysa. Together with the Nowa Trybuna Opolska and the Regional Directorate of State Forests of the Prudnik Forest District, we distributed forest and fruit tree seedlings to the inhabitants of the Nysa district. In total, a whopping 1,000 pieces!

Every participant who brought in 5 kg of waste paper, 10 used batteries, or electronic/electrical equipment received a tree seedling. The saplings were sold on a grand scale – the campaign started at noon, and within an hour most of the trees were gone. The fruit tree seedlings, especially American blueberries and chokeberries, were the most popular. Additionally, the Forest District prepared seedlings of lime, oak, beech, and hornbeam, among others.

"All the plants are grateful and undemanding. Each species has its specificity: hornbeams can create beautiful hedges, limes can be shaped freely, and oaks are long-lived. All these trees have been cultivated in our forest district, so they are adapted to the local climate. Therefore, it is highly probable that they will thrive and grow beautifully", says Rafał Szymański, the deputy forester from the Prudnik Forest District.

As Umicore, we became the main partner of the campaign and our representatives turned up in large numbers.

"All environmental issues are very close to our hearts. We also want to be a part of the local community, hence the idea to invite the inhabitants of Nysa to our activities and, through the 'Tree for recyclables' campaign, encourage them to selectively collect waste and thus, which is very important for us, build ecological awareness. This message is part of our culture and is very important to us."

Alicja Stafford, communications manager at Umicore Battery Materials

In addition to the collection of recyclables and waste paper, other attractions awaited the participants of the action on site. The programme included face painting, candyfloss and inflatables for children.