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Krzysztof D.

Maintenance Technician
Nowa Ruda, Poland
Automotive Catalysts
Working for Umicore since 2018
"I value my work at Umicore above all for the unique atmosphere within the company."

Can you describe your role at Umicore?

I work as a maintenance technician at Umicore in Nowa Ruda. My daily duties include maintaining the machinery park in 100% technical efficiency by conducting periodic equipment inspections. My job is to troubleshoot equipment as quickly as possible and implement the modifications recommended by the manufacturers. My job is done in collaboration with my colleagues, because only as a team can we accomplish the tasks at hand.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy my job because every day is different, bringing new challenges and tasks. I certainly can't complain about monotony, as I'm constantly on the move during my entire shift – from the workshop to Coating and Washcoat to DCU. I am wherever technical support is needed.

What do you enjoy about working for Umicore?

I value my work at Umicore above all for the unique atmosphere within the company. We have such a small team that we all know each other. I work in a very close-knit group where we support and help each other. It is also crucial that we share our knowledge daily so that nothing is impossible for us. It's also worth mentioning that Umicore constantly supports my development through training, which makes my work even more efficient. 

Why did you want to join Umicore?

I found out about Umicore from a friend who told me what it was like to work here. I heard about the pleasant atmosphere at the plant and the fun, close-knit maintenance team, which I joined in 2018.  

What are you looking forward to when you leave for work in the morning?

As I start each working day, I hope that no failures will occur and I will be able to meet the periodic maintenance schedule, carry out routine repairs and workshop work.

What has been your highlight so far in your role at Umicore?

In my professional career, the most important things for me are personal development, learning new technical issues, and improving the skills I already have.

Advice for new employees?

“Better to ask the way than to go astray” – that's my advice. There are people at Umicore who are always willing to help, share their knowledge and support each other. New employees can count on the full support of experienced colleagues at any time. Don’t be shy and ask for help. I know this from experience because I was also once a new employee.