Umicore supports those affected by the war in Ukraine

Regional website Poland

At Umicore, we are all deeply shocked and saddened by the damage and disruption inflicted on the Ukrainian people and their relatives. Given the large scale of the refugee flow in Poland, our Polish plants in Nowa Ruda and Nysa have decided to give a broad range of support to Ukrainian refugees.

As of the start of the war employees have been collecting elementary goods for babies and children. Collections are focused on personal hygiene products, medicine and food. Employees also volunteer to help refresh and renovate apartments designated to refugees in the area.

Both our plants have committed to longer-term support in the surrounding areas to help settle refugees arriving in Poland. Our teams are working with the local authorities to add school infrastructure and install a dedicated educational program for a fast inclusion of Ukrainian children in local kindergartens and schools. Additionally, we work with local associations to accommodate Ukrainian families properly. Umicore will also welcome Ukrainians to come and work for us if they meet legal and job requirements.

To support humanitarian relief, the Umicore Group has additionally made donations to international humanitarian NGOs that serve a vital cause and are in direct support of those children and families directly affected.