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Umicore Autocat Poland is awarded the Friendly Workplace 2021 title!

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The Friendly Workplace 2021 title is a prestigious award granted by HR and EB experts of the editorial board. As the Umicore Autocat Polska team, we are extremely proud to be among the laureates of this special recognition.

What have we been recognized for by editors of and experts in the field of Employer Branding and HR? Here's what the editors of say:

Umicore – a meaningful place to work

Values, respect, openness, inclusive culture of diversity – this is the world of Umicore, which we welcome as a Friendly Workplace Laureate. Umicore is a fundamentally "future-oriented" company. It offers work among modern and environmentally friendly technologies, which means development, innovation, and a high level of professional satisfaction, especially since Umicore values the opinion and initiative of its employees. Moreover, the company offers an extensive development training package and has a transparent internal promotion policy. A cornerstone of Umicore's activities is also its concern for the health of its employees. In particular, by setting high standards in terms of occupational safety (an impressive list of anti-Covid measures) or respecting the work-life balance by offering employees flexible working hours and a benefits package to support a healthy lifestyle. A sense of creation, collaboration, the spirit of innovation, culture – that is what characterizes working at Umicore – we recommend it!

Friendly workplace

A pleasant working environment is one of the overriding values that should be present in every company. At Umicore, we strongly believe in this, and therefore take a many measures to help us create the best possible conditions for development within our organization.

As Stephan Noll, Plant Manager, says: "Creating a friendly workplace for everyone is quite a challenge and requires commitment not only from managers and supervisors but also from all employees. I am very pleased that everyone at Umicore understands this and makes every effort to ensure that the place we work in is inspiring and provides us with a sense of well-being.”

Being open to diversity, development-oriented, supportive, and mutually respectful are qualities that distinguish Umicore.

“We do not want to keep ourselves within rigid, hermetic structures, which is why we go out of our way to meet the expectations of our employees. We have developed several solutions thanks to freely sharing observations and jointly take care of development and safety. We have implemented modern tools and technology to enable online meetings with colleagues worldwide (Teams, Sharepoint, internal webinars). We also communicate via intranet and information boards within our factory. We have also ensured that our new employees are properly onboarded so that they feel comfortable with us from day one," says Magdalena Graczyk, HR Generalist.

Health and safety first

Building a friendly workplace is the most crucial challenge we face every day at Umicore. Especially in these times, when health and safety are essential.

How do we do this? Our organizational culture is based on ethical values. Because we know how vital life balance is, especially the harmony between work and personal life, we respect the idea of work-life balance. We also care about health, which is why we pay great attention to providing a range of health benefits in our organization. We have also set and implemented many high occupational safety standards relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winning the Friendly Workplace 2021 award by Umicore Autocat Poland is a massive success for us, making us believe even more firmly that creating a friendly workplace is meaningful.  

Thank you for your commitment to creating such a unique workplace!

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