Umicore Nowa Ruda participates in the Poland Business Run

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A combination of great fun and healthy physical activity, all for a good cause – this is what the Poland Business Run is all about! Last Sunday, three teams from our plant in Nowa Ruda experienced strong team spirit as they started their race to help people with disabilities.

Poland Business Run – why and for whom are we running?

Poland Business Run is a charitable relay race involving representatives from different companies all over Poland. The funds collected are all donated to people with motor disabilities, especially for those who have undergone amputation. Umicore believes in being a responsible corporation and making a positive contribution to the community!

Fearless Umicore team

With this conviction, we quickly put together three teams. Interest in participating in this event was very strong, therefore, we ended up having one representative for each of our departments. Everyone started training with great commitment, showing relentless ambition at work and beyond. Under the watchful eye of our captains, running strategies were developed for each team.

Umicore employees are in good shape!

On Sunday morning, all teams were complete and ready at the start line. Everyone wanted to achieve the best possible result and not just for themselves. After all, the relay race is also about teamwork and team building, getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and being open to share them. 

However, our contestants had no time to think as the race started in no time. All teams finished the race in a really impressive time. We congratulate all the contestants – you did your very best! 

Umicore colleagues rediscovered that healthy competition allows us to set new goals and grow. We believe in teamwork to contribute towards shared goals across borders, enabling our people to gain pride, satisfaction and fun in their workplace. The event was certainly worth all the effort.